About Us


Ibrahim Farghaly Sons was found and established by Ibrahim Farghaly in 1957 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Our company, which was formerly known as El Nasr, started off by selling children’s toys that were imported from Germany and Japan from the 50s to the 60s.

During that time, Mr. Mahmoud El-Araby, the prominent businessman and the leader of several industries and the agent of the famous brands such as: Toshiba, Sharp, Tornado, Seiko, Elba…etc., started his career successfully and gained his first experiences from our company.

Till this day, we’re proud to have had an eminent figure like him work within our firm.

Later on, as Ibrahim Farghaly Sons started incorporating stationery items from huge and worldwide stationery brands, we had acquired a few of the German famous trademarks Schneider, Staedtler and Geha, in addition to the famous French pen brand Bic. Back then, Bic was a very outstanding brand and its pens were the number 1 most used pens in Egypt, up till today.

By time, we were the agents of the British brand Nacet for razors, which was later bought by Gillette. Till this day, those brands are locally manufactured in Egypt and are currently highly consumed by Egyptians and it wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t introduced back then by our founder Ibrahim Farghaly in the 70s.

Decades later, Ibrahim Farghaly’s sons carried his legacy and continued to manage the Mansheya branch store, which was the main branch. The store was specialized in selling gifts, all baby needs, and children’s toys.

Fast forward to the late 90s, Ibrahim Farghaly Sons (IFS) has totally expanded its product range. It has acquired many strong worldwide brands such as: STOR, U.S Polo, Rainbow Max, Quokka, First Kid, Simba, and Roco.

Here is a brief description of some of the brands and companies we took the agencies of throughout the years:

A Spanish brand that is so famous for offering children’s household products, decorated with the most famous characters worldwide. STOR is authorized by Disney and even manufactures products for it.

A German company which also manufactures Disney products in toys, school bags and stationery.

A Spanish brand that also specializes in tableware. Its product range includes a very colorful and vibrant collection of stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, thermal stainless steel bento boxes, and borosilicate glass bottles. Quokka is currently the third rising brand in teenager and adult tableware in Europe.

The internationally distinguished marque. We are the agents of the Turkish company Donmezler, which is the biggest manufacturer for the U.S Polo bags and luggage in the Middle East.

The most famous backpack and stationery brand in the Middle East’s Gulf Area which is created by Jarir in Saudi Arabia.

A very well-known company for toys, school bags, stationery and kids’ accessories in the Middle East, Rainbow Max is authorized by the famous world children characters and its bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and U.A.E.

Another notable company for toys, school bags, stationery and kids’ accessories. First Kids is authorized by Disney, Marvel, Spin Master, and Looney Tunes and based in the U.A.E.

An honored trademark which is very well known for its backpack’s unique designs and features.

Also, we import from the biggest toys company in Hong Kong which is manufacturing in China with the high standard quality following the Europe market quality and already got the certification.


All baby products are based on eco-friendly material for product surface.

We are distributions for the biggest Chinese toys brand same as:

Remote control cars.

Baby toys.

Medical dough.


Baby mats.

Baby toys.

Baby chairs, Rocking chair, Baby play mat, booster seat, bath chair, portable baby bed.

IFS also acts as the only wholesale supplier of the brands mentioned above to the greatest stores that are located in the most renowned shopping malls and main streets in Egypt like: Hamleys, Baby Shop, Max, Toys R Us, Intersport, Toy Word, Hedeya, El Morshedy Malls, Our Kids, Go Sport, U.S Polo…etc.

We also supply some of the biggest and trustworthy hypermarkets such as: Seoudi, Carrefour, Hyper One, Oscar, Flamingo …etc. We also distribute additional stationery and tableware collections of the brands M&G, Faber Castell, Rotring, Uniball, Pilot, Fatih, Pensan, Micro, Amos, Carioca, Sistema, Cool Gear.

We have recently completely formed ourselves a new brand image, and we currently go under the brand name Awlad Farghaly. Today, Awlad Farghaly’s strategy is to aim to offer its customers the best products and customer services it can ever offer out of its fullest potential.

In 2022, Awlad Farghaly has moved its store from Mansheya to Mostafa Kamel in Smouha, in order to maintain its strong in prominent locations and include all its acquired brands and display all the products it offers and distributes. Awlad Farghaly’s objective is to market its own brand image and facilitate it to Egyptian retail customers.